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Iròa – Journey to Amalào

The 3D puzzle adventure game, developed as the practical part of mine and the teams diploma thesis, follows the main Character Iròa on their journey to find their long lost mother.


#Pictrees is an interactive project for the BIX media facade, designed by the 4th year of the film and multimedia class of the Ortweinschule Graz. Via a social media campaign, Graz residents are encouraged to search for nature in the city of Graz and share it as an Instagram story with the Kunsthaus Graz account.

Fauna Audio Glasses

Fauna is an audio glasses that can be useful in various ways in everyday life. Three use cases were shown in three promotional videos on behalf of Fauna under the “let us be your muse” campaign. A gardener, an artist and a student manage their jobs more easily with the help of fauna.

Stay Sane

A broken heart. A broken relationship. It’s time to forget, to distract, to repress the pain, to stay sane.


The main goal for the Gaffergala is to showcase all the projects produced by students of the Ortweinschule Graz in the Film and MultimediaArt department.

Follow the rules

“The story of this short film takes place in an alien world, in which rules are inforced in a very drastic way. The film shows a few instances of this happening when we meet the passengers of a train.”