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Sarah Windisch

Welcome to my online Portfolio – Animation, Film and more!

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About me

Sarah Windisch

I’m a 18-year-old Artist living in Austria. Through my time at the HTBLVA Ortweinschule and many many projects I found my love for Animation and Filmmaking.

Even though my main interests are creating Motion Graphics, Animations, VFX or artworks, I sometimes branch off a bit into writing. Recently I’ve been even taking an interest in game design!

Featured Projects

Siehst DU's Nicht

Can't You See?

The shortfilm “Siehst du’s nicht” eng. “Can’t you see?” was produced as our forth year project at the HTLVA Ortweinschule, our ‘pilot film’. Together with my classmates we put our past years of experience to good use in the production of this movie. 

3d and 2d Art

Renders and Digital art

Over the year I made quite a few renders and stills that were never projects. Together with my digital art. Some of my recent works include fractals, Concept Art for Gamecharacters and sculpted Busts. If you scroll down further you will see my very humble beginnings and old crappy art.

Fauna Spots

Tv spots for Fauna

Three short TV-Spots produced to showcase the Fauna audio glasses. We only had a small team and worked with one Actor we had worked with on a previous project and two of our classmates.

COntact Me

Any wishes concerns, or do you want to work with me?