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Hi! I'm Sarah.

Animator, Artist and Filmmaker.

about me!

Hey! My name is Sarah Windisch!

I am a 19-year-old Animator, VFX Artist and Filmmaker.

For the last five years I attended the Film- and Multimedia Art department at the HTBLVA Ortweinschule in Graz. Here I not only found my passion for Animation and Filmmaking, I was also able to further develop my love and skills while working on multiple projects and short films.

Apart from school, I also had the chance to gain experience in the professional world of film- and gamedesign-studios in interships.

my strongest skillset

Character Design

Design and Creation

    •  Concept Art and Design
    •  Modeling and Scuplping
    •  Topology and Textrue
    •  Rigging 

3D Art & Animation

modelling, texuring, animation

    •   Asset creation
    •   Unwrapping and texturing
    •   Blocking, Staging, Animation

Graphic Design

Logo Design, Poster and 2D

    •  Flyer and Poster Design
    • 2D Motion Grafics
    • 2D Concept Art and Drawing

featured projects

some of my larger and more recent works.


Journey to Amalào

3D adventure puzzle GAME

The game develops as the main part of mine and the teams diploma thesis follows it’s main Character Iròa on their journey to find their long lost mother.

Between the


Short Film

„The two freaks, Moritz and Lorena share a fascination for violence, which they exchange in their hour-long telephone conversations. But when Moritz can no longer distinguish between fiction and reality, the situation spirals out of control.“

Details ->



3D Character Portraits

Portrait Designs featuring the Next Media founders for their website and marketing uses.

programs I use

for animation, motion graphics, compositing and more.


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