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Iròa – Journey to Amalào


to Amalào


Journey to Amalào

3D adventure puzzle game

What is Iròa?

The Story

Iròa the journey to Amalào is a puzzle adventure RPG that follows the main character Iròa on their journey to find their missing mother, which takes them on a path through four diffenet lanfs and cultures, whose war caused her disappearance. With their parents’ old travel backpack and the momories of many people and animals that Iròa comes across, they follow the trail their mother left 10 years ago.

Our team

The game was developed by our small four person team as part of our diploma thesis. As of now, the game is a work in progess.

my part

Character Design & Animation

My two main resposibilities in the development where Character Design, which was also the topic of my diploma thesis, and Animation. 
Since Character Design was my focus, that is also the part I spent the most time on, from concept art to modelling, texturing and rigging. Creating and designing multiple human and animal characters gave me a good challenge to not only play with the creative aspects of but also further my skills in the various technical parts.

Iròas Dad


Iròas Mom


assets, writing and other

As we were a small team, all of us had other work to do aswell. While we developed the main story as a group the script was written largely by me and the together with our camera woman I also made the story board.
I also had part in creating the assets, for example major parts of the foliage, trees and rocks.
Notably all of us had to work together for trail and error parts of problem solving like with the integration process form blender to unity.

Project portfolio


If you want more information about the project you can take a look at our project portfolio. It contains additional infos about the making, intentions and backgrounds as well as short bios of the whole team.

Diploma thesis


“This paper describes digital Character Design and both its aspects and process as well as various methods and principles of Character Design. The practices described range from long-known techniques such as the hero’s journey or the 12 principles of animation to modern tropes and technical requirements. This thesis explains how Character Design influences moods of a movie or game and conveys emotions.”