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Offspring Work in Progress 3D animated short film Currently in the earlier stages of development. Characterdesign for the protagonist ‘Charles’.

Between the Lovers

Between the Lovers Shortfilm by Maximilian Milla Trailer Synopsis by Maximilan Milla The freaks, Moritz and Lorena, share a fascination for violence, which they exchange in their hour-long telephone conversations. But when Moritz can no longer distinguish between fiction and reality, the situation spirals out of control. See what the Director has to say ->

Siehst du’s nicht?

Siehst du’s nicht? Shortfilm by Bianca Amberger 3D adventure puzzle GAME markus’ world is that of logic and science – is he willing to look beyond these limits of reason for his little sister?  See what the director has to say ->


Alex is going through a difficult time in boxing. His successes are far behind him, and he is gradually being forced out of the club by his competitor Thomas as the club’s champion. His coach Manuel threatens to kick him out. He wants to throw in the towel, but he resorts to unfair methods that will have serious consequences.

Fauna Audio Glasses

Fauna is an audio glasses that can be useful in various ways in everyday life. Three use cases were shown in three promotional videos on behalf of Fauna under the “let us be your muse” campaign. A gardener, an artist and a student manage their jobs more easily with the help of fauna.

Stay Sane

A broken heart. A broken relationship. It’s time to forget, to distract, to repress the pain, to stay sane.

Follow the rules

“The story of this short film takes place in an alien world, in which rules are inforced in a very drastic way. The film shows a few instances of this happening when we meet the passengers of a train.”