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Siehst du’s nicht

Siehst du's Nicht?

can't you see?

The shortfilm “Siehst du’s nicht” eng. “Can’t you see?” was produced as our forth year project at the HTLVA Ortweinschule, our ‘pilot film’. Together with my classmates we put our past years of experience to good use in the production of this movie. Together with our director Bici Amberger and her love of the feelgood-family-film genre, we created an environment with soft, bright and saturated colours for the real and magical characters to live in.

The film is still in production, but will be able to showcase it soon!


The 19-year-old student Markus escapes his adult life and travels home to his family and his little home village for a weekend.  The 9-year-old elementary school pupil Amelie finally has her brother back and offers him the perfect getaway from his everyday life.
Little by little, Markus gets his fantasy and imagination back and immerses himself in her world.

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