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Small Environments


From Boredom to Convinience

A project created out of simple boredom in school – simple models, a lot of experimentation and fun. I started working with little to no planning ahead and just went with the flow. Conveniently, it later fit perfectly into submission we had to hand in for a class.


A simple Home

The small, lowpoly environment is home to not only a human and his scarecrow but also my favourite flowers – poppies!

San Francisco

The golden City

One of my absolute favourite places I ever visited. Beautiful views, a fantastic mix of old and modern, a bunch of pigeons and some fairly steep climbs. 


simple and green

With more than enough hairsystems, I tried to create small, idyllic river. Being the smallest in scale compared to the other two, it has the least detail and the most monochrome colorsceme.

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