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Projection Mapping

from 2D to 3d

MApping the Projection

The Projection Mapping project was created for the 2021 Open-House-day of the Ortweinschool. Individually each student in the fourth grade created their own installation, that could be stitched together to a looping video. Sadly, similar to last year, the originally planned presentation of the project was canceled due to the ongoing covid-19 situation.

The process of creating a projection mapping is fairly easy. Firstly, we set up a beamer and a 5.1 sound system in our desired location. Then after creating a template of the walls and objects in the room from photos we matched the projection to the perspective using a program called “Milumin”. Then it was just a matter of creating the projection itself.


How I made it

Metaballs, semi-fancy textures and following a curve. Since the project was made considerably last minute the techniques used were fairly simple aswell.

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