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A day – Japanese Temple scene

Dynamic Wallpaper

See the sun set inside and outside

This project was created after discovering the ‘Dynamic Wallpaper’ feature on my MacBook, which automatically changes your background image according to the time of day. I took a lot of inspiration from the real Japanese temple, and photographs of it with similar compositions to what mine ended up being.


A Week??

While it was made to be 16 individual images for the wallpaper, it is actually a looping animation, that could be rendered out as a whole video. But I have yet to get around to doing it. (With my current setup, it would take me about a week)

The Sky

Nishita Sky Addon

Using the Blender feature ‘Nishita Sky’ it is very easy to create a suncycle with a variable time of day, air pollution and elevation of the scene. The rest of the scene is either self-made or downloaded assets. 

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