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The ‘Gaffergala’ is a liveshow hosted annually by the Ortwein School of Art and Design at the Open House. This was the first edition to ever air live.

The project was hosted and part of my education in the Ortweinschool in the 3rd year. My Job in this Project was as head of Production with the assistance of a peer. I also made the displayed intro, starting soon and lower-thirds.

If you want to get further information on the project, you can also visit the Instagram page or the website.

Screenshot 2021-10-07 at 14.40.16
Screenshot 2021-10-07 at 14.41.11
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DirectorSophie Gartner
ProducerSarah Windisch
Paul Miklautz
Moderation  Marie Hammer
Michael Hütter 
KameraAnne Hasenhütl 
Hannah Krusch-Batruel   
Noah Petek  
Maximilian Milla 
VideomischpultFabian Rothschedl 
AudiomischpultTobias Fischbach
Enzo Gutschi
Alina Bachler 
Lichtmischpult Neo Klinger 
StreambetreuerFelix Zorn-Pauli 
Bianca Amberger 
Stage RunnerMelina Seifert 
Rebecca Scharler 
JuryGerald Hartwig
Therese Seemann 
Enrico Jakob 
Natalie Pinter
Zoe Borzi
Jonathan Steininger
Jasmin Schlögl 
Raphael Jöbstl 
Making off – Building the stage

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